episode #58: happy independence day Jamaica (all levels) 75mins.

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My class was inspired by Jamaican Independence Day (Marley Monday, Aug. 6, 2012). 50 years of independence is a GREAT reason to celebrate and express gratitude for the blessing around us. This class is playful, filled with lots of laughter, amazing music, and a yummy flow that soothes the soul.



episode #58

episode #57: happy thanksgiving – to haiti with LOVE (all levels)

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Each day we experience miracles, and sometimes we forget how blessed we are to be a witness to these divine blessings! Today is the perfect time to stop, witness the miracles, and be thankful for the many blessings and people that transform our lives.

I am honored that I had the opportunity to share the practice, and partner with To Haiti With LOVE to donate 100% of the proceeds of our morning classes at Embrace to this awesome cause!

Click the link to learn more about To Haiti with LOVE and the beautiful work they are schedule to do in Haiti as part of the Seva Challange: Off the Mat, into the World.

Enjoy the class and give thanks for the miracles in your life:)

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Much love,


episode #57

epsiode #56: embrace your breath (90mins, mindful flow, all levels)

•November 19, 2011 • 2 Comments

This episode was recorded at Vibe Yoga Studio located in Bloomington, Indiana. I was there for a weekend as an instructor during their yoga teacher training program, and I also taught a Sunday morning mindful flow class which focused on embracing your breath. I ended the class with a short meditation practice.

It was a beautiful weekend with an amazing group of yogis. Can’t wait to return next year!

Much Love Vibe Yoga:)

episode #56

episode #55 – inner you (all levels, 75mins)

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This recording was made during my Mindful Flow class at my new studio, Embrace.  The Mindful Flow experience is about being fully in the moment, connecting with full intention, and truly allowing the breath to be your guide. In this post, the theme is uncovering the “inner you.” The inner you can be described as your true nature, the sweet side that pours compassion from the heart, but also the inner wisdom that guides you into fulfilling your passions.

Enjoy and dive into the INNER YOU!

episode #55: inner you

episode #54: peaceful warrior (90mins, level 2)

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This post is my first recording from my new yoga studio Embrace with Faith Hunter Yoga.  Drew and I opened Embrace on May 1, 2011, and we feel extremely blessed to offer the DC community a space where you can come and just be YOU! Come hang with me during my Spiritually Fly Sunday morning class!

The theme of this recording was Peaceful Warrior.  It was a joyous dedication to my father, Columbus Hunter (RIP).  Miss you DAD!!!

BTW, this a slightly longer class intro than normal…total love dedication to my Dad:)

episode #54: peaceful warrior

episode# 53: feeling (all levels) – 63mins

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I recorded this class last night during my tuesday night vinyasa flow at STROGA in Adams Morgan.  It is a playful class where I encourage you to witness and experience the sensations in the body, and find joy in the heart.  There are  moments where you may feel challenged, but remember child’s pose is always an option.  ENJOY and have fun!!!

episode 53: feeling

episode #52: what are you in love with? (all levels) – 90mins.

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happy LOVERS DAY!  today I offer a beautiful all levels/easy flowing class dedicated to the devotional love of Mirabai.

Mirabai was passionately in love and devoted to Krishna. as an act of her devotion, Mirabai wrote beautiful love songs and poems to express her divine commitment.  her devotion began at a very early age when she given a statue of Krishna that embodied pure divine love. although Mirabai was a princess and later married a prince, she was always devoted to her Sri Krishna.  soon she left the court and decided to travel through India writing and celebrating her lover.

this audio yoga practice offers some of my favorite easy flowing postures:  newly named sultry bhujangasana (cobra), anjaneyasana (low lunge), dhanurasana (bow), salabhasana (locust),  and dhanurasana (camel) with prayer drops.

enjoy and fall in love with something!!!

episode 52: what are you in love with?

episode #51: let it shine (level 2/open) – 90mins

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this is a heart opening and flowing class that requires an understanding of basic and some intermediate asanas (postures). if you are unsure of a particular posture please post a comment and I will provide a photo or video to explain.

let your heart shine and flow with ease!

episode 51: let it shine

video #6 – goddess of love flow

•January 6, 2011 • 11 Comments

enjoy this simple and easy goddess of love flow. take your time and move with ease.

episode #50: tap into the core – open level (60 min)

•December 21, 2010 • 8 Comments

tap into the fire essence of your manipura chakra (3rd chakra).  this podcast is inspired by the 3rd chakra and we focus on various asanas to stimulate a powerful flow of energy. enjoy the class!

episode #50

below are a few notes about the manipura chakra.

–       Located between your navel and the bottom of your rib cage.

–       The 3rd chakra is the seat of your will and the manifestation of your power. Here lies your self-confidence, self-esteem, and your ability to make decisions. Out of balance you can be manipulative of others or easily controlled by others, suffer from digestive problems, eating disorders, poor body image, insecurity, and lack of drive and ambition (Tapas). Your self-confidence is threatened and you may have a fear of rejection.

–       The Navel Chakra is known as the fire of material consciousness. The”Agni” is located here, where the Prana and Apana meet, burning the rubbish (detoxifying). 

–       The organs governed by the third chakra are the kidneys, liver, gall bladder, spleen, stomach, small intestine, diaphragm, and solar plexus.

–       Asanas – Surya namaskar (Sun Salutation), Navasana/Boat, Ardha Navasana/Half Boat, and Urdhva Prasarita Padasana (Leg Lifts), Warrior poses, and twists.

–       Pranayama – Bhastrika Pranayama (Bellows Breath or Breath of Fire)

–       Kriyas – Fire twist, agni lunge

–       Essential Oils – Juniper, lavender, bergamot, rosemary. Also for aromatherapy: peppermint, bougainvillea, frangipani, ylang-ylang, cedar, clove

–       Gemstones – Amber, gold, yellow or citrine topaz, citrine, Tiger’s eye, gold calcite, gold, peridot, yellow tourmaline, Laguna agate, Labradorite, howlite, jasper, chalcedony, Morganite, heliodor, yellow sapphire

–       Symbolized by 10 petals arranged from right to left and is sometime referred as the chakra of attainment.

10-minute guided love meditation

•December 3, 2010 • 9 Comments

Meditation has an amazing way of helping you relax and release negative feelings. Although it may seem difficult to relax the “monkey mind,” I find it best to start out with a short meditation practice and slowly increase the length over time. As a sweet holiday offering, I’ve recorded a 10-minute Guided Love Meditation. Enjoy and fill your heart with Divine Love and Grace!

music provided by Hypnotic Gurus

guided love meditation

Comments from the Yoga Teacher Training Anatomy & Physiology Weekend with Fabienne (MD, MPH, RYT)

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Although I was in New Orleans this weekend, my 2010-2011 yoga teacher trainees had the pleasure of spending the weekend with Fabienne. Fabienne is a graduate of my YTT program, a medical doctor, and has spent many years practicing yoga. Not only does she offer useful knowledge around a subject that can be challenging to absorb, she makes yoga anatomy & physiology FUN!

Many thanks to Fabienne for offering up her love of the practice!

Below are comments from my YTTs:

“Thank you Fabienne. You’re a great instructor; I learned so much while having some big belly-laughs along the way :)”

“Thank you Fabienne for sharing so much info in such an amazingly fun way!!!”

“We couldn’t have asked for a better way to learn anatomy.  Note now we all have to remember to retain it. Circumvent the arms up everyone. :)”

episode #49: flow and twist (50 min)

•November 4, 2010 • 4 Comments

here’s a short and sweet class for those who may only have an hour to practice. enjoy this open level twisty class.

episode #49

clear the fog, energize the body

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here’s a section from my e-newsletter.

Kapalabhati (Skull Shining Breath)

Kapalabhati pranayama is an energizing abdominal breathing practice that purifies the body, clears the mind, and leads to inner radiance.  As the breath pulsates through the energetic pathways of the body (the nadis), it stimulates both the manipura (naval) and anahata (heart) chakras, generates heat to dissolve toxins, and cleanses the psyche of negative thoughts.

Basic Technique

1.     Sit in a comfortable position with the hands resting on your knees. Feel free to take a hand mudra if you want.

2.     Inhale and exhale through the nose a few times just to prepare.

3.     Inhale about half way, then exhale sharply through the nose.

4.     Allow the inhale to happen passively and exhale forcefully at a fast pace.

5.     Do three rounds of thirty or so, coming back to a deep inhale and exhale at the end of each round.

Note: If you feel lightheaded come back to an easy inhale and exhale. If you are pregnant, I recommend not doing this pranayama because of the active abdominal work.


episode #48: love flows – open level class (90min)

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this is a recording of my first Sunday morning class at STROGA!  the class is all about LOVE, so flow with ease and grace…FEEL THE POWER OF LOVE MOVE YOU!!!

if you are in DC metro area, come by and take a class with me at STROGA:  Sunday @ 10:45am or Tuesday@6:45pm.

the reading on the recording is from The Power.


episode #48