Lessons of Mindfulness

Approaching your life from a healing perception, requires inner wakefulness and personal acceptance of personal responsibilities. Lack of motivation, old habits, laziness, self-deception and passive states of mind are not conductive for those who seek to walk path of freedom and bliss.

Ayurveda and yoga are tools that encourage mindfulness in every aspect of your life. From the simple acts of awaking to the morning sun, taking your dog on a morning walk, holding the elevator for a co-worker, making time to enjoy a meal, and of course retiring at night to a star filled sky, the elements of yoga and Ayurveda teach conscious choices at every step in your life.

We all have varying experiences with food. I sometimes equate eating with relationships. At one moment the senses stimulate pleasing memories, taste activate moments of bliss, and there are times when we eat so fast that we barely remember what we ate. The tools of Ayurveda and yoga help us to become aware of the joyous process of food. It initially starts with purchasing organically grown foods from local farmers, cooking with fresh ingredients, inhaling with deep appreciation the bounty you have been given, and finally mindfully consuming the meal.

With food and in life, allow yourself time to slowly connect and experience of joy in front of you. When we consciously slow down the process of accepting the beauty in front of us, we naturally return to our true state of happiness.


~ by Faith Hunter on August 6, 2008.

3 Responses to “Lessons of Mindfulness”

  1. There’s no coincidence about how your name is Faith – after reading this particular post I am convinced that your name and spirit coincide.

    Good read. A true state of happiness is always sought and welcomed.

  2. hi yogini faith. i love this post. the last line hit home for me. tyou.

    “When we consciously slow down the process of accepting the beauty in front of us, we naturally return to our true state of happiness.”

    this is a wisdom reminder.

    peace and love, ananda

  3. You have to be the most warm, understanding person on the planet! Kudos! Namaste

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