Freedom in the Asana

The asana practice is truly a blessing of self-discovery. Each time I visit the mat, it feels very familiar yet fearfully new. Those first few moments of feeling the sensations of natural rubber beneath my feet, the airy space surrounding my body, and the joy of knowing I have finally arrived, sends pure bliss running through my veins. However, I am also flooded with thoughts of knowing I have to listen, be present, and fully conscious in order to be receptive to the gifts of the practice. This is the sense of newest, because I am totally unaware of the gifts the Divine has in store.

As I breathe and move in and out of the asana experience, I am constantly reminded that the beauty and art of the practice is about uncovering and peeling back the layers of who I am. As someone who did ballet and modern dance most of my life, the asana practice was first an easy fit. Then I spent years paralyzed by the perfection of having to get the postures just right. After many moons, I realized I needed to find the passion in the experience. Somewhat like those moments, when music, dance and my body became one. The beauty of the unknown and the possibility of what is being revealed has taken hold of my physical form and pours luscious nectar into my soul. That unconscious flow of spirit and lightness in my heart, continues to give me “freedom in the asana.”

At that sweet moment on the mat, I begin to listen and truly hear God speaking through my body.


~ by Faith Hunter on August 13, 2008.

One Response to “Freedom in the Asana”

  1. Hey Faith!

    Great blog. I can’t wait to read more on the Tantric Guide to Life. In the meantime I’ll just have to absorb all that I can during teachers training..I can’t wait!!!

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