episode 37: aha yoga basics

get your yoga on with this beginner level yoga class.  i normally don’t teach level 1 classes at my studio, but this one is just for my newbies. enjoy family!

episode 37

~ by Faith Hunter on November 23, 2009.

6 Responses to “episode 37: aha yoga basics”

  1. I’m getting ready to check it out now Faith. Thanks for thinking of young YOGAS.

  2. shins are feet right? This is so awesome…Since I can’t seem to get to class can you recommend a starter book that I can use to start at home?? there are many out there that I could choose from just interested in your feedback. Thanks Cath

  3. Girl…come to class at once or twice to get the feel of things. Class is on me.:)

  4. Faith, you rock my yoga world! I have been searching for good online classes, and I have finally found some. I love your style and flow. I just can’t get enough! Thank you!

  5. Thanks soooo much Zoey! You made my day:) All the best!

  6. […] what I’ve got for you to try at home today. It’s also Anusara style, and it’s a podcast from Faith Hunter, who leads everything from classes and workshops in person to podcasts and videos through her […]

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