10-minute guided love meditation

Meditation has an amazing way of helping you relax and release negative feelings. Although it may seem difficult to relax the “monkey mind,” I find it best to start out with a short meditation practice and slowly increase the length over time. As a sweet holiday offering, I’ve recorded a 10-minute Guided Love Meditation. Enjoy and fill your heart with Divine Love and Grace!

music provided by Hypnotic Gurus

guided love meditation

~ by Faith Hunter on December 3, 2010.

9 Responses to “10-minute guided love meditation”

  1. AMAZING, thank you!

  2. I liked it alot! Thanks for sharing!

  3. thanks:)

  4. Dear Faith: This meditation podast seems to cut out early in this one and it returns to the start automatically….
    Thanks for the great podcasts– just letting you know- this one seems to be malfunctioning. xxx

  5. thanks for letting me know:)

  6. A sweet voice helps bring about relaxation, for sure! What is the music? Where can I get it?

  7. I enjoyed listening to the 10 minute meditaion podcast. I will take this practice along within while in Miama for the weekend. Always Embracing the Flow.

  8. thanks Mark:) the music is by Hypnotic Gurus – http://www.hypnoticgurus.com/ (Lime Green Bindi CD)

  9. many thanks Antoinette!!!

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