episode #55 – inner you (all levels, 75mins)

This recording was made during my Mindful Flow class at my new studio, Embrace.  The Mindful Flow experience is about being fully in the moment, connecting with full intention, and truly allowing the breath to be your guide. In this post, the theme is uncovering the “inner you.” The inner you can be described as your true nature, the sweet side that pours compassion from the heart, but also the inner wisdom that guides you into fulfilling your passions.

Enjoy and dive into the INNER YOU!

episode #55: inner you

~ by Faith Hunter on August 11, 2011.

One Response to “episode #55 – inner you (all levels, 75mins)”

  1. I loved this episode and was wondering if you could provide the playlist you used. Particularly the one used in Savasana…it was beautiful!

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