about faith

Faith is a Washington, DC based yoga instructor who has a passion for beauty, movement, love, and soul freedom. In her quest to share her passions and eclectic yoga teaching style, Faith incorporates her Louisiana upbringing, yoga philosophy, modern mystical sounds, and the purity of breath to awaken and ignite the spirit of flow in the body and soul. Faith is known to infuse the principles of shraddha (faith), ishvarapranidhana (surrendering to the Divine), nada (sound), and ashima (endless/without boundaries) into her teachings.

She is the creator of life and yoga concept, embrace your flow™, a philosophy that speaks to awakening and honoring the divine energy of life (prana) that flows through your soul, and using that force to live a passionate life. Faith has been called “Spiritually Fly & Hip” because of her dynamic transformational spirit and soulful modern approach to the practice of yoga. Faith is also the founder and owner of yoga studio Embrace, and the creator of  embrace your flow™ Yoga Teacher Training Program (registered with Yoga Alliance), and has been training yoga instructors for many years. In addition, Faith is on the May 2010  and June 2011 covers of Yoga Journal, November 2010 issue of OmYoga & Lifestyle Magazine,and she is a social activist, freelance writer, and yoga podcaster.

She is truly a new form of yogi that takes yogic principles and intuitively merges in personal experiences to create a wellness lifestyle that is grounded, integrated, and fused with the fullest of life.

Embrace Your Life, Embrace Your Flow!

6 Responses to “about faith”

  1. Cant wait for more people to find out how great you are! I’ve had the pleasure of taking your classes. I have been taking yoga for 25 years, all over the world, and I have never been moved by a teacher like I have with Faith Hunter. Much success! You are appreciated.


  2. Best wishes for 2009! Your podcast will be a huge success! Yoga is love. Spread it!


  3. Thank You So Much for your contribution to the wellness/health/wholeness community. You are much appreciated …Continue to stay true to who you really are- Inspires me to stay focused and centered. THANK YOU!!

  4. Thank you for listening!

  5. when you coming to london ?

  6. Soon I hope. Find me a place to do some workshops and I’m there!

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